Tribute to Irish culture: Emerald Storm offers a festival of great dancing and music, with a thrilling story too!

‘Emerald Storm’, a brand new theatre celebration of the glory of Irish dancing and culture, begins its first UK Tour this week. And is heading to The Deco later in the month, on Friday, October 26.

From the producers of the hit West End hit shows ‘Seven Drunken Nights – The Story of The Dubliners’, and ‘Walk Right Back – The Everly Brothers Story’, this exciting new show provides a fresh take on the Irish Dancing tradition, and features some of Ireland’s most talented performers.

Mike Crawshaw, of the vocal harmony group The Overtones, is a director of the show producers, Slamdunk Entertainments who produce the show.

”Irish dancing is very popular, and I absolutely love it,” he said. “What we want to do in ‘Emerald Storm’ is demonstrate the emerging contemporary scene within the world of Irish Dance, honouring it’s awesome tradition as we do it, but at the same time, bringing it into the 21st century, and highlighting what a new generation are now contribution to the art.

“We’ve a cast of amazing dancers, and we’re lucky to have a team of incredible musicians providing a heavenly soundtrack to our adventure,” he said. “From traditional folk songs, original instrumentals and modern acoustic tracks, the stunning vocalists and fantastic live musicians take you to another world.”

The show follows a thrilling story, set in Celtic mythology – a tale of good and evil, which keeps audiences the edge of their seats throughout, with the dynamic choreography and lyrical soundtrack.

Said Mike: “We wanted to break the mould and step in a fresh direction for shows of this genre. We couldn’t do a show of this nature without the explosive, driving numbers quintessential of the Irish Dance tradition, and nor would we want to!

“But the crossover pieces, the variety and contrast provide something unexpected which we hope will leaving audiences reeling, and wanting more; it’s something completely new and that’s never been explored before.

“Let us transport you to the mythological paradise of Celtic heaven – ‘the otherworld’ – in an epic battle between the light and the darkness.

“In a mystical land parallel to ours, a fairy kingdom exists in peace and tranquillity; but when an uprising threatens to destroy utopia, the Queen of the Otherworld is forced to call upon the help of the mortals.”

So, can the Emerald Storm defeat the elements and restore harmony? Will Heaven be saved?  Will the mortals succeed?

Join us at The Deco on Friday, October 26, to find out. It’s a fantastic production, amazing dancing, and a great night out!


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