Main auditorium

View of The Deco theatre main auditorium and stage
The Deco auditorium view from the stage
Only one direction performing at The Deco in Northampton
The Deco is a perfect venue for touring bands in Northamtpon
The Deco stalls seating
The deco stalls

The main 900 seat auditorium of the Deco is one of the largest venues between London and Birmingham. It has a generous stage and offers excellent acoustics and views.

It can be adapted to suit a wide variety of events, including dance, music concerts and theatre productions. The stalls area can be changed to allow for a standing concert or smaller events such as formal dinners, DJ nights and awards ceremonies.

It is fully equipped with theatrical and dimmable auditorium lighting, sound reinforcement and a D&B Audiotechnik Q1 Line Array concert PA system, plus state of the art projection facilities.

The proscenium arch stage has a full fly tower and 12.8m opening width. It is slightly raked in the traditional style with prompt corner facilities and gives scope for a wide range of theatrical productions and concerts, from rock to classical.

A generous forestage provides for intimate performance or conference presentation if desired. In addition, part of the forestage can be removed to reveal an orchestra pit.

There are full backstage facilities including eight dressing rooms and a green room that can accommodate up to 70 artists.

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    The Stage

    Pros opening – 12.8m
    Depth – 8.23m
    Grid Height – 15.24

    The stage is a slightly raked wooden floor painted matt black.

    Black box format as standard which includes 2 sets of soft legs, 2 sets of soft boarders and a full black backdrop. For rear projection formats the full black can be split and the screen is masked by an additional soft boarder.

    The Get-In is via large scenic dock doors which is on the same level as the car park at the rear of the theatre. There is a shallow ramp straight onto stage. Wing space is tight and storage is minimal.


    • 6 x 14m Counterweight
    • 6 x 14m Hemp manual hand lines
    • 3 x 14m Motorised lighting bars, WLL 500kg, Ladder beam truss
    • 1 x 9m Motorised FOH lighting truss
    • 1 x 14m Motorised House Tab track (Controlled via panel down stage left)

    Additional points can be put in – please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

    Tech / Control Positions

    The FOH position in located at the rear of the lower circle. Analogue audio patch including CAT5, DMX, Video and comms links.

    Lighting can also be controlled at Prompt corner if required (Down stage left).


    The house system includes the following:

    • DSP: Allen & heath IDR8 controller (Locked)
    • Stalls PA: 2x D&B Ci90 full range boxes, 1x E0 front fill
    • Circle PA: 1x D&B Q1 Sub and 4 Q1 Line array per side
    • Stage monitoring: 4x D&B E3 (Not suitable for live band monitoring)
    • Behringer X32 console
    • 48 inputs / 16 outputs analogue multicore from FOH position to down stage right panel.
    • Sennheiser infra-red hard of hearing system with neck loops and headsets.

    Microphones, DI’s and Stands can be supplied at a cost – Please get in touch to discuss your requirement.
    It is advisable to add PA in the stalls for shows that have live bands – Please get in touch to discuss further.


    The rig includes a combination of incandescent lamps providing a 3-colour wash (Red, Blue & Amber) and front wash.

    • FOH truss: 4x ETC Source Four 26deg profile, 2x 6-way ETC Source Four PAR IWB,
    • FOH Vertical side booms: 4x ETC Source Four 26deg profile
    • LX 1 (1m behind Pros): 2x 4-way PAR 64 IWB
    • LX 2 (3m behind Pros): 2x 6-way PAR 64 IWB
    • LX 3 (5m behind Pros): 2x 6-way PAR 64 IWB
    • Avolites Titan Touch console
    • Avolites Art2000i 36-way dimmers & 12-way hot power (Patchable)
    • 3x DMX Splitters (5-pin)
    • 1x DMX Merge
    • 4x DMX lines to stage
    • House light can be controlled via DMX or wall panel
    • Focusing involves ladders, Tallescope or bounce focusing. Note that advance notice will be needed if you would like to use the Tallescope.

    Please note that the Deco does not stock any follow spots. Spots can be hired in at a cost.
    Additional fixtures can be brought in upon request but will incur a fee.


    • Front and rear projection available for hire – Please get in touch
    • 16X8 rear screen flown mid stage
    • VGA or HDMI connections available on stage or at control position

    Lectern, Lectern mic’s, Switcher, Comfort monitor available at request – Please get in touch to check availability and price.

    Power Distribution

    • Sound power (DSR) – 63/1, 32/1, 16/1, local 13amp
    • LX power (DSL) – 125/3, 63/3, 32/3, local 13amp
    • FOH Control position – 16/1, local 13amp

    Cable & distribution boxes can be supplied upon request – Please get in touch


    There is a small dressing room with toilet directly off the SL entrance. 4 more good sized dressing rooms are located downstairs under the stage. Upstairs on SR there are additional dressing rooms, floor one has 3 rooms and a toilet and the second floor has 3 rooms and a toilet. There is a route under the stage that can be used as a crossover.
    All rooms have power, lighting, heating, seating and mirrors.

    There is a washing machine, kettle, microwave and fridge backstage.

    WiFi is available throughout the building. Network: Thedeco (No password)


    The theatre carpark is located at the rear of the building opposite BBC Northampton. Spaces are limited and monitored by NPM. Passes can be allocated but will need to be prearranged.


    The auditorium

    • Capacity: 900
    • Length: 29m
    • Width: 29m
    • Area: 674 sq m
    • Max height: 14m
    • Min height: 5m

    The stage

    • Opening: 12.8m
    • Width: 7m
    • Depth: 8.23m
    • Height: 15.24
    • Grid lines: 10 (6 c/weight)

    Technical position

    A comprehensive technical area at the rear of the lower circle with appropriate control systems and communication links for PA lighting and video presentation.

    Prompt corner

    A stage managers desk with appropriate controls and communication links. May be used as alternative technical position.

    Stage facilities

    Conventional stage curtain, fly bars and counter weight flying system etc.


    • Digital telephone system
    • Cat 5 network cable through-out
    • Free WiFi

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