Summer Youth Project

Last week’s Deco Theatre Summer Youth Project, run with Arts Academy Theatre School, was a huge success, and there has been some lovely feedback from proud parents, including Robert Welch, whose son Harry, 16, played Rooster in the production of Annie on Saturday. Unlike some of the young people involved it was Harry’s first performance on stage (other than school productions) and he exceeded expectations in both shows. His proud dad said Harry’s self-confidence has increased and commends the week long project to all. 
Robert told us:

The finished show was outstanding, and every single child involved gave it their all, delivering a truly professional and entertaining performance – and all that with only five days of rehearsal. An outstanding achievement.
Casting Harry as Rooster was a challenge that he rose to admirably, ably supported by the excellent team that comprises the Arts Academy Theatre School.
Any doubts my wife and I had about Harry’s ability to deliver a thoroughly professional performance were dispersed the moment he stepped on stage: self-confidence and self-belief oozed from him, and this is undoubtedly due to the production team who were brilliant throughout the week, and if there was ever any self-doubt, they swatted it away.
Harry has a learning disability and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for treating him appropriately, but not differently – a very important fact that cannot be underestimated in its importance!!
Hopefully Harry will utilise the extra self-confidence he has gained last week as he goes forward in life, putting it to good use in daily situations or even auditions for future productions.
“Harry had an amazing week, and I cannot thank The Deco, and the Arts Academy team enough for putting it on, giving the youngsters a fantastic opportunity, and delivering a truly amazing finished product at the end of it.

It’s our pleasure, Robert.

Harry was fantastic, and a pleasure to have on board throughout the week. And as you say, performing on stage is fantastic for developing a child’s confidence. Hopefully your kind words will encourage others to do likewise. And we look forward to see you all back at The Deco sometime soon.

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